HEMERA summer school, Heidelberg/Germany, Sept. 9 – 13, 2019

The HEMERA summer school is open to advanced master students, PhD students and young scientists interested/involved in balloon research, technicians and engineers from the participating agencies, research institutions, and industries.

Group photo of the HEMERA summer school in Heidelberg, Sept., 9 -13, 2019

Major themes of the summer school will cover the following:

  1. The history, early and modern balloon science and industrial opportunities, recent advances and discoveries.
  2. The atmospheric environment
  3. The general logistics of balloon types, flight control, limitations of the ballooning environment, launching techniques, regulations.
  4. Specific scientific and industrial ballooning operations of the agencies (CNES, SSC, ASI/CSA….
  5. More detail on modern scientific results from ballooning and the instruments involved.
  6. Future work, opportunities, measurements, ..

Teaching at the HEMERA summer school will be provided via lectures and showing casing balloon equipment.  One afternoon and the evening of Sept. 11, 2019 will be dedicated to a social programme (see programme).

The HEMERA summer school will be credited by 2 ECTS points, for which the students will receive a written certificate at the venue!

Practical Information

  1. Venue
  2. Program (last update 10th September)
  3. Abstract Booklet (last update 3rd September)
  4. Registration and Fee
  5. Accommodation and General Information
  6. Leisure and Social Event
  7. Poster and Flyer
  8. How to get there
  9. Internet Access:
    1. eduroam
    2. UNI-WEBACCESS (code will be provided)
    3. Uni-Heidelberg (free access)
    4. Heidelberg4you (free access)

Picture of the Summer school at this link

For the participants, all talks can be downloaded (pw protected) here.

All talks available to the public can be downloaded here.