How to get there

The easiest way to get from elsewhere in Europe and/or Frankfurt airport to Heidelberg is by train. Tentative hours of the train connections from

– Paris (Gare de l’Est), via Strassbourg, or Forbach to Mannheim/Heidelberg is about 3.5hrs – Amsterdam via Cologne is 5hrs
– Milano via Zürich, Bale and Mannheim is 7.30hrs
– Frankfurt airport via Mannheim, max is 1.5hrs

– Berlin/Hamburg, about is 5hrs – Munich is about 3hrs

For details on the trains schedules see here (in English or for your preferred language click on the upper right corner) wrequest=yes&&country=GBR


Local transportation to the campus:

Is run by

  • light rail #21, 24
  • bus #31, 32 (botanical garden)
  • see the map

or more healthy:

but car driving in Heidelberg is not recommended, and not fun!

For a map of Heidelberg, see here